Industry Leading Threat Intelligence Feeds

Precisionsec Threat Intelligence provides leading edge malware and ransomware data, providing you with the ability to recognize and act upon indicators of attack and compromise in a timely manner. We strive to provide highly contextual threat data with one of the lowest delivery delays, lowest false positive rates and best reaction times in the industry. Precisionsec operates our own internal honeypots and malware automation systems in addition to aggregating many OSINT sources and external data feeds. All of our feeds are verified by experts internally and across the threat intelligence community.

We are monitoring several high-profile malware and ransomware families including DridexEmotetLocky, and Trickbot. We also actively monitor for attacks on WordPress and Joomla CMS installations. Our intelligence gathering operations are highly focused on the most active and most dangerous threats today.

What makes us different?

  • Threat intelligence feeds updated every 5 minutes
  • Data delivery using industry standard specifications (STIX, TAXII)
  • Extensive experience developing and operating automated malware analysis systems
  • Active monitoring of OSINT
  • Feeds verified internally as well as by vetted community members
  • API delivery to seamlessly integrate into your existing solutions
  • Custom threat feeds to fit the needs of your specific organization