Dridex Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s)

Dridex IOC Feed

Dridex is a banking Trojan that is known to be distributed using similar methods to the Locky family of Ransomware. The Dridex banking Trojan is divided into several sub-botnets. Some of the more popular sub-botnets include botnet 120, 122, 220, and 302, however several other botnet numbers have been observed.

We are publishing this data for the purposes of research and protection. Below you will find the most recent Dridex Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s) from our Dridex threat intelligence feed. PLEASE NOTE: These links can harm your computer! You should only access this data if you know what you are doing.

Latest Dridex IOCs
URL/IP Date Added
http://resevesssetornument.com/af/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:01:18
http://newserniggrofg.net/af/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:01:11
http://sethiwriting.com/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:01:05
http://ymcaonline.net/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:01:02
http://luczko.pl/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:00:57
http://xtramax.de/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:00:53
http://cqyssj.com/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:00:49
http://cartus-imprimanta.ro/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:00:45
http://mainlinecarriers.co.tz/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:00:40
http://mbmedia.ca/8yfh4gfff2017-06-05 05:00:36

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